• Dedication to Uniqueness


    Sofie Mode Huis


Dedication to Uniqueness

Sofie Senduk graduated from Bijenveld Mode Academie, Amsterdam and Voque Mode Academie has started her own Mode Huis in 1996. She’s been working on haute couture in the beginning and continued with wedding dresses. Today she’s focusing on hospitality industry and company uniforms. Sofie Senduk has supplied to several national and multinational companies, such as Garuda Indonesia, Indosat and five star hotels.

Our Design

Attention to detail and impeccable workmanship combined with innovative design is the commitment always given by Sofie Senduk. Maintaining high material quality and neatness are always the concern to ensure everlasting creations and comforts. Culture and trend, combined with the hotel or company image inspire design style with a wide variety of preferred materials, including handmade creations. At the end, a touch of magnificent art will create a masterpiece.

Corporate Uniform

Our Product

Nestled in the beauty of interior landscape with a touch of excellence, where elegant, softness, and authentic design lies will make your day become perfect.

Why to choose us

Elegant rooms with a luxurious variety products from Sofie Mode Huis will give a traveller a memorable end of his journey and peace of mind, as well as help to recover the energy of life. Complete the hotel services with the authentic design and materials, from hotel uniform to bed skirting, bed runner, pillow, linen, duvee, kimono, laundry bag, and others.

Our Portfolio